Neptune City, New Jersey

My mother-in-law passed away and she has policies on each of her granchildren.Each time I have called I have had to wait 45 minutes or more.

Last night after waiting over 45 minutes, I was told that they could not speak to me without the original Death Certificate. I told them the original was mailed in on March 16, 2015, referencing all of the policies she had with them. I was told that wasn't sufficient, I had to mail in another one referencing the two policies I was calling about. I was told by a prior person I spoke with that all I needed to do was call and reference the one policy and they could see the Death Certificate.

My brother-in-law is not interest in keeping up the policies for his two children, so I was calling them to tell them that they needed to be cancelled. Told them I was the Executrix. Still said they cannot speak to me, as they needed copies of their birth certificates. I don't think anyone at that company know what they are talking about, as I get a different story everytime I call.

Needless to say, I was quite frustrated and said a few choice words which were not nice at all.

Review about: Globe Life Insurance Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



I am truly sorry for the experience you have had with our Company.We strive to give our customers 100% satisfaction.

If you would like to email us at with the policy numbers of the claims and cancellations along with a good daytime phone number, I can have our claims manager and customer service supervisor contact you about your situation.Thank you

to GlobeLifeInsurance Neptune City, New Jersey, United States #971683

I just received a call and listented to my voicemail.I am quite annoyed.

How can Bernadette Flynn Holl call and cancel the two policies when she is "dead". You have got to be kidding me!!!! I am so done and do not know what else I can do to get this rectified.

You have her Death Certificate on file.Really!!!!!!!!!

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