I spent $64.00 a month to insure myself through these scam artists at Globe. Then, by accident, I found out there was no cash value to my account, and that if I managed to live until age 80, I'd be alive and well-- with no insurance.

Tried to call them. No phone number listed. Horrible, paint-by-number web site. Once I got the phone number, I was continually cut off.

Finally got Christine, who explained that, yes, I'd purchased a term policy. I said I wanted to cancel it, and she said they had much better policies, and she'd be happy to send. By then, I had much better insurance for much less. Still, they stole the last payment from me.

I called--and guess what--after a long time on hold, I got the same customer service person again. She said in order to refund me, I'd have to send a fax and a copy of my bank statement to the accounting department. I asked if she could just connect me. She said, "No, ma'am." I asked for her supervisor, and "Jennifer" said that they could not connect me with accounting, and I would have to fax my information if I wanted a refund.

Both women sounded like robots who'd been drinking the same kind of Kool Aid.

There are so many better firms out there with so much better customer service. Don't waste your money as I did.

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Obviously the above person is an insurance salesman.


so then i could start my free doughnut a day card business that doesnt give you a free doughnut a day right? If the company sells life insurance all policies should have cash value, Thats what insurance is for. Dont blame the consumer because the paperwork on half of this stuff is made to confuse.

to thelastword Jackson, Michigan, United States #580462

You obviously know very little about life insurance. Don't feel bad, the average consumer does not. Your statement, "If the company sells life insurance all policies should have cash value, that's what insurance is for." Is totally incorrect, 100% wrong.

#1: Term life has no cash value; whole life does.

#2: Life insurance is for PROTECTION OF ASSETS--cash value is a secondary benefit.

The original poster made their decision on price--term is cheaper than life. And they bought it via mail, so no "high pressure salesman" would talk them into a high priced policy. Yeah, right.

Look folks, people like me study and get licensed so we can ADVISE people like you. We get paid for that in the form of a commission--you do not pay us a single dime for the advice we dispense.

Be smart and talk to an agent. You don't have to buy anything. If you speak to an agent you are not obligated in any way. But watch out--he might just end up selling you something you really need!


i am having aq problem trying to get a loan check on my policy have been getting run a round from them they need to be checked out something not right here


Why would you buy a policy and not know what you are buying? This should not be a complaint about Globe Life.

It is not their fault that you were dumb enough to not research the insurance before you made the purchase. In almost all of the complaints it seems that the consumer is the one that is at fault.

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