How can they get away with this? I bought a policy with this company 2 yrs ago.

I was told that the policy wud never increase, and they still have this false advertisement

on their website as well. Well I have been paying $55.99 for my grandmother for 2 yrs.

This mouth they increased it to $74.98. I clearly see where this is going, and now that I've

read some of the other reviews and 2 yrs. and over & $1300.00 to late. Im convinced that this company is a scam. Im not sending them another *** dime.

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I had a policy with Globe Life for 1 1/2 years.My partner passed away from a heart condition that was diagnosed 5 months before his passing.

It has taken 6 months for them to "review his medical records" and now they are denying the claim saying that the information on the application was filled out incorrectly. IT WAS NOT! It was accurate and now they refunded my premiums and said the matter is closed. OH NO IT'S NOT!

I am not only going to fight this with the Insurance Commissioner but the BBB as well.

This is an obvious tactic in which they are trying to get out of paying me my claim.This not only isn't right, but how dare they try and cheat honest people out of what is owed to them.


I'm convinced...they have people believing that they have

legitimate life insurance...they don't advertise "Globe Life

and/OR/ Or/ Or/ Accident Insurance Company" and they are very

sophisticated "crooks" like most business...and they've got away with it so far.It's hard to clear up "simple errors that THEY


A 60 Minutes episode last month had them as scammers.

That's how I'm just finding this out after a 2003 policy with them.

Branson, Missouri, United States #1147481

This company has cheated us out of money for years as they now say our Policies are no good and yet they took a payment out of 0ur checking . account. Is there anything that can be done with these liars and thieves>?

Mccalla, Alabama, United States #1128421

You have to read the policy,small print included!!

I have had Globe Life for 5 years now on my son and have had no problems.

It is a "whole" life policy which the premium never increases. If you buy a "term" life policy, it says on the paperwork that it increases every 5 years.

It may increase before 5 yrs.?

The younger the age of the person you cover with this insurance, the less the premium amount.

The company has been around a long time and I feel that they are


Oakland, California, United States #961148

I wish globe life was on the west coast I would cuss those country *** buzzards out.

Dallas, Texas, United States #950227

Your policy does not increase unless you request an increase.

Dallas, Texas, United States #950222

Hubert you are so correct in your reply.I just received $25,000 in a ten day span so I do know what their problem is other than Non Payment.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #949646

I got a spam email advertising Globe Life Insurance. That tells me to avoid Globe Life Insurance. They advertise through spammers and, therefore, are spammers!

Warner Robins, Georgia, United States #813830

I do not know what type policy the complaining people have had, but I had the Whole Life Policy on my wife for many years with no increase whatsoever.Sadly, she passed away in 2004 after about 10 years fighting cancer.

Globe paid off $20,000 within a ten day period after her death. I wholeheartedly endorse Globe. People should read the policy in full before complaining.

To my belief it is the cheapest, best policy around.


I have had my childrens policies with Globe Life for more than 5 years and have not had any of these issues with them...I pay the bill online every 6 mos or yearly depending on how I wish at the time. The kids premiums have never gone up and the only thing I cant verify is how they would be if I had to cash one in (god forbid)...

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