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If you believe that you or someone you know is in danger, please contact your local authorities immediately.
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Anyone wanting to make money from eliminating any person- This is the place. OBVIOUSLY GLOBE LIFE is advocating Murder Made Easy.

One employee had the audacity to suggest if someone is in a domestic unstabe place, that person should call the police. The ONLY way ANYONE would EVER tell a victim to do that, is if they are getting a cut of the money! DON'T DO THAT! EVERYONE knows in a true bad situation YOU NEVER CALL THE POLICE.

ONLY A PERSON WILLING TO COMMITT SUICIDE WOULD CALL THE POLICE. One call & the victims life is over. Another red flag as to why Globe Life should be held accountable. WHO would ever have an employee advocate that??

Makes me wonder how many people they have pushed into ending their lives voluntarily. If you're a victim of Globe Life Murder For Pay, please do not listen to them. NEVER call the police. Your life is OVER if you do that.

I know it's terrifying, waiting to see what fate the person who insured you has in mind for you. But DON'T give them a way to force you to take your own life.

I'm sure when enough of these are made public, Globe Life will be paying their victims. Maybe you will survive long enough to be one of those!

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