Seville, Ohio

My mom had a policy with globe life and she passed away Dec. 18-2016. 3 weeks after she passed away globe life sent me and my sister had a for the full amount we never had any problems with them or the customer service team very happy with this company...

Product or Service Mentioned: Globe Life Insurance Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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You stated your mother passed Dec 18, 2016. I hope you intended to type Dec 18, 2015. Also, I am sorry for your lost.


Your mother passed away months before today's date? And they made a pay off before a death certificate was issued!

Questionable? Your facts don't add up!


This is a fake review as of today It's Groundhog Day 2016 and the review is for the future December 2016


I am sorry for your loss. However, I am trying to understand your statement.

Do you mean your mom passed Dec 2015? Also, are you stating that they paid you and your sister in a timely manner? Also, if you don't mind me asking did your mom have a whole life or term life with Globe life insurance? I am asking because I have a whole life for my son and a term life for myself with Globe...

Just wondering if I should also invest in a whole life policy for myself.

Again, sorry for all the questions about your statement however, isn't quite making sense. Again, so sorry for your loss


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