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I sent in certified death certificate twice and obituary. They cant find them. One they had to sign for. So I faxed. They said give them 24 hrs to find it. People are not doing thier jobs.
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Are your quotes cover in puerto Rico
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Every time i think that they have everything they need i get more papers to fill out and now they neeed the list of the doctor's from lowell gen hosp anD ii know They have them i dO not understand that the golbelifeins AND ai records can get togeThere and
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I have been trying to get my nons life insurance money four over the last 6months and i keep getting more and more papers to fill out and i do and i send them back and i get nowhere i wish i could just get the check
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my uncle just passed on two months ago at 75 years old his policy was all paid in full now they wont pay the policy and we have a big bill with the funeral we keep calling them every day you always get some different anser from 20 different people plan out they will...
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I didn't like
  • False and deceptive benefit claims
  • Bad service worst insurence
My mom passed away on October 2 2014 and they have got all the paper work and still no money as of yet she took this is out in December of 2013 and they were paid till December 2014 I am the person that they have for contact every time I call I am on hold for hours...
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my mother in law passed on last feb 2014 she was 81 years old she was with globe life many years her policy was fully paid off when she passed on when she was 80 years old globe life called her and said she does not have to pay ant more money shes fully paid off one...
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reason was of my recent hospitalization I keep getting billed which was not in affect. policy #006n68928 john anderson will attest to this. please straighten it out. john deary 781-599-1562 im getting these bills for 20,000 ins. amt. $53.23 a month. my policy has...
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