As a gift to my grandchildren I purchased a Globe Life Policy for each (4) when they were babies. I had no idea one of the twins (2 sets) would be diagnosed with Autism later at three and then later with Cerebral Palsy & then develop Intestinal Motility.

At age eleven he went home to Jesus, and I was crushed. I have to say it only took one phone call to Globe Life and things were handled so delicately and promptly. If I had not bought the gift that I thought would never be used...and the other grandparents had done the same... So together, everything was paid in full and Aaron's parents were at ease at least in choosing for their son, exactly what they wanted and not have to worry about money to pay for it.

Thank you Globe Life for being right by our side when that time came that we never expected to see in our lifetimes. To all GRANDPARENTS if you children can't do this for their kids please try if you can to do this as a gift when they are born.

It's very very cheap when babies, and it is such peace of mind to the parents and you to have this in place. Please don't take chances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Globe Life Insurance Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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