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We are truly sorry about your loved one’s passing and wish you and your family comfort during this difficult time. One of our supervisors has been in touch with you to discuss the status of your claim. If you should need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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My mother-In-law bought into this company. She passed away over 2 months ago.

All we've had is the runaround when dealing with Globe. The reading from scripts the call center does isn't working for me anymore. I've been told so many different things and the final straw was today when I called and I was told they basically couldn't talk to me because the address I was giving them was incorrect to what was on the policy. I have the ORIGINAL policy and I've been calling for months with the same address.

Yes, My mother-in-law died before the 2 year mark of the policy. She passed away a month shy of the 2 year mark.. The death certificate clearly states she died from something she had for days. (NOT years) But they're still pulling or trying to pull her medical records.

The problem is the doctors they're trying to get records from have no records in the timeframe they need. Again, she died from a illness that she had for days not YEARS so there is no records to prove otherwise. One google search and I know I'm not alone in this fight with Globe.

Lucky for us we are active military with legal help available to us but I can't help but feel for the ones that have to deal with Globe without legal help. It's heartbreaking to know love ones take out these policies and pay good money monthly only to have families left with a battle on their hands afterwards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Globe Life Insurance Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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