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In 2006 my father took out a policy on my sister his daughter he has paid every month on the policy my sister passed away in 2013..we got the policy and noticed they put my fathers name on the insured line instead of the payee we requested the orginal documents and sure enough it was their mistake so they told us to send a letter for them to correct so i did.

Globe said the board would meet to approve the claim for the 10k policy which is exactly what it takes here to bury someone.. the policy came back denied they say because they could not reach my sister by phone to ask about health issues... so we disputed that demanding phone records... so now they say that there were two policies one for my fater and my sister i asked what age of my fater was on the FAKE policy they came up and she said 45 years old...

my fahter at that time was almost 60... these people lied and lied..

we have obtained a lawyer and are sueing i hope for enough to make these people pay for all the heartache and trouble they caused us...ridculous and i dont see how anyone could work there knowing what they do to people in such horrible times in their lives.

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Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I'm so sorry about your loss.But whenever you take out any new coverage, you need to take the first month to read over everything and make sure that it is correct.

Finding problems like these years down the road/once something has happened make it extremely difficult to get it rectified, since payments were made.

Making the monthly payments is like saying that you agree with everything in the policy.

Also, I doubt that they would make a "fake" policy.They are accredited with the BBB and I don't know of any companies that would do this.

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