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  • May 20
  • Life and Casualty Insurance
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • 389

After my mother became ill, the family started to pay her bills and discovered she had 4 policies from Global for her grandchildren....for her to be the beneficiary!! We called them to discuss the error, and explained that she meant for herself to be the insured and the grandchildren are the beneficiaries, but they would not listen. She paid $10,000 over 8 years to this company and it is now... Read more

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I received check within 2 weeks after they received the death certificate. But I had paid premium in advanced and asked about the refund and never got it. Add comment

This is one of the most sorry *** dishonest *** companies I have ever deal with. False advertisement not worth investing your money in this company. NOT WORTH NO ONE GET ING INSURANCE WITH THIS COMPANY Add comment

Are your quotes cover in puerto Rico Add comment

  • May 18
  • Life and Casualty Insurance
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Life Inurance
  • 3
  • 3
  • 297

Our Dad had a policy for over 7 years. Our Dad passed January 2015. Today is 05/18/15 and we still have not received the check. My brother is the Beneficiary and he has been calling every two weeks to find out where is the check. The Reps are telling him that the check has been mailed, we also verify the address. It's not fare that our Dad paid his premium and now that he's passed, the company is... Read more

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  • May 15
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Working Experience
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  • 473

I have worked for Globe Life for 15 years. What people don't understand is that we are relying on your truthful information on the application to insure you. If you take out a policy and then die within the first two years, we have the right to conduct an investigation to be sure we were given truthful information on the application. You would not believe how many people take out coverage on... Read more

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  • May 13
  • Life and Casualty Insurance
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Life Insurance Claim
  • 351

So glad to know about Globe Life. Most insurance companies will try to not pay claims. My mom died and I had Monumental Life on her. I still had problems for five months before they paid. Took five months to "review" medical records. They refused the claim at first due to simple problems in her health but I answered all questions correctly even by telephone interview stating all meds she took.... Read more

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  • May 13
  • Life and Casualty Insurance
  • Death Insurance
  • 216

Globe sent us a check for the death benefit but payable to an unknown individual. Four calls to Globe with questions; after first 3 reps hung up on me when they would not or could not answer my questions, the 4th rep told me to send a request in writing to correct the mistake "we" made. Not their mistake--my mistake. Apparently I didn't have the most recent information--my mother, declared... Read more

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  • May 08
  • Life and Casualty Insurance
  • Douglasville, Georgia
  • Insurance Policy
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  • 1
  • 427

I purchased life insurance for a couple of grandchildren over seven or eight years ago. Globe constantly credited premiums to the wrong account and then had the nerve to send me nasty letters of cancellation for nonpayment. When I contacted customer "no" service, I only received the run around. I requested that they cancel the policies and remove my name from their database. In a day of... Read more

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When my mother die she don't she has lung cancer globe did not pay off benefit Add comment

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